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This is a theme I personally use.


  • Dark theme support (auto switch by css media query)
  • Muti-Section supports
  • Side card to display recent updated sections
  • Responsive layout
  • Sub-menu support

Multi Section Supports

If you use multi sections (with the concept from hugo), the RSS at bottom and Recent at side are ready for displaying those content. However, you will need to set up your menu at config.toml to point the hyperlink to proper destination.

If you want to re-order those sections, you need a at the directory of the section to set proper weight at front matter, just alike what was done at the exampleSite, see /exampleSite/content/essays/ See the predefined variable weight at docs.

Note that separating taxonomies according to different sections is not implemented yet. So better to only use taxonomies inside a specific section.

For a better understand, if you have to posts A and B in section S1 and S2, both of the posts has the same tag T1, like the follow.

post A: section S1, tag T1, tag T2
post B: section S2, tag T2

When you open the index page of T1, there will be two posts, rathor than post A when you are in section S1 and post B when you are in section S2.

tag T1: post A, post B
tag T2: post A

Special Thanks

The wordpress theme Allium, and here is its home page. I like this theme very much when I'm using wordpress, but I don't have it on hugo, so I try my best to write a theme similar with it. There are many designs in this theme refers to it.

The hugo theme jane and mini, this is my first time to write a hugo theme, I referred this two themes' project structure and way of handling problems.