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Sample programs callable through git-shell.  Place a directory named
'git-shell-commands' in the home directory of a user whose shell is
git-shell.  Then anyone logging in as that user will be able to run
executables in the 'git-shell-commands' directory.

All those callable will be run with home directory as cwd. The directory
~/trash will be treated as trash bin of git repository.

Provided commands:

help: Prints out the names of available commands.  When run
interactively, git-shell will automatically run 'help' on startup,
provided it exists.

list: Displays any bare repository whose name ends with ".git" under
user's home directory. Repository in TRASH_DIR will not be listed.

newrepo: Initialize a bare repository at user's home directory, it's
parameter is the fullname of the repository. It will try to add .git
suffix after fullname, and refuse fullname with a suffix slash. When
initializing repository, it will use git-template as template-dir.

delrepo: Move the repository directory to TRASH_DIR, so it would not
be listed by command list.

desc: Display or modify a repository's description by read/write
description file under a bare repository. it is useful eapecially when
using cgit or git-web that respect repository'description.