monitor a dir and execute reprepro to include new .deb files
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Apt Repo Updater

This script will monitor an income dir and execute reprepro to include the new .deb files under the income dir.


Create a directory as WORK_DIR, take work as example, and cd into it.

mkdir work
cd work

Create conf/distributions with content like the follow for reprepro to use, see more at here

mkdir conf
cat << EOF > conf/distributions
Codename: bookworm
Description: An example repository
Architectures: amd64
Components: main

Start apt-repo-updater

/path/to/apt-repo-updater --work-dir .

Use another terminal to copy a .deb into the INCOME_DIR created by apt-repo-updater, normally it will be named income under the WORK_DIR

cp /path/to/a/package.deb /path/to/WORK_DIR/income

Now the apt repository will include the .deb file just copyied. And the .deb file will be deleted after included in the repository.